Luxury, handmade structures for glamping

Bespoke Glamping Structures

We can make an unparalleled range of structures for your family or customers to dwell in thanks to our range of skills, resources and associate craftspeople we work with. From unique combinations of canvas, timber & natural materials to ultra insulated tents on solid platforms, or with us, create something that hasn't happened before...

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Custom Builds

We can help you design and build a completely unique offering in the crowded market place that will help your site stand out from the crowd. We can come to your site and undertake a bespoke design process to create the perfect response to how you wish to accommodate your customers.


Or if you know what you want we can build from plans, then simply deliver & install. We can help with the design & build of platforms, bridges & cabins, helping your structures blend into their environment using the most sustainable materials without compromising beauty, comfort and experience.

Beautiful Bespoke Bell Tents

From unique lodge tents to ‘ultimate’-bell tents with three layers to keep warmth in there is nothing more romantic than a night or seven under canvas. We can offer different accommodation options for couples to families or fantastic add-on & shared facilities.

From a custom fire canopy for all weather fire-gazing, marshmallows & songs to a funky bar/ venue marquee to give you customers some added fun on site. Or simply add an alfresco dining canopy adjacent to their dwelling to double your guests covered space, we can offer functional and memorable structures to grow your offering.


We are developing the design & construction of beautifully crafted Cabins with industry leading partners. These will be made using a fusion of the modern rustic zen design with high spec technology, insulation, features & finish.

We are ‘knocking the corners off’ the box with sweeping curves & integrated canvas canopies over verandas to make the most of the environment surrounding the cabin.

These cabins will be made so they can ‘arrange & stack’. This is a system so they can be set up in different modular arrangements to allow playful & functional variety. This will also give the flexibility of moving them over time.

Our cabins will be made to be delivered on a trailer to any site accessible with a 4×4 or tractor. They jack off the trailer onto integral legs or a platform and can be fitted with the furniture and features you need. Be one of the first to enjoy the next level of small space dwelling. More to follow in 2021…