Gorgeous structures for outdoor learning spaces
Outdoor Classroom Canopy
Outdoor Classrooms – Open-sided

These structures are great for engaging children in learning outside. They offer simple shelter from sun & rain, with the children (or adults) still fully immersed in their environment with no walls to limit the sensory input coming from all around.


Also for some sites this is practical for observation of groups running about or exploring the vicinity of the shelter, still in sight of the teacher/ session leader.


We have made Bedouin like canopies for outdoor learning projects & gorgeous circular tensile marquees on crafted wooden platforms. We can work with a variety of floor surfaces from woodchip to rubber flooring depending on site, budget & use. 


We can also make framed roundhouse like structures with canvas roofs, with or without walls. Indeed your open sided structure can have walls added to give it a completely different more protected characteristic for colder months…


We made an outdoor classroom for the Yorkshire sculpture Park in 2010, which was a hexagonal marquee on a beautiful wooden platform complete with access ramps & window walls, which can be easily removed. In Bristol we converted an industrial polytunnel frame into a classroom venue with timber ends & canvas roof and walls at an urban growing project. We can make a beautiful marquee roof then install wooden walls to give a balance between materials & create playful spaces to inspire which balance flexibility and permanence.

Bespoke Outdoor Fire Structure
Fire Canopies

We have made fire canopies for glampsites & festivals, so are now making a new circular canopy design with central firepit & integral flue. This is a new product, the first commission is for a primary school outdoor forest schools area. We believe these are a unique proposition offering cover for 20-40 people with the warmth and inspiration of an open fire, with smoke safely exiting via central insulated flue. These are being made in collaboration with architectural Blacksmith Nick Kerner –