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We design exactly what you want. First share a sketch, photo or description by email. We follow this up with a phone call to understand your project. We undertake a bespoke design process for your project, to create a unique structure for you.


We use the best materials possible to create authentically crafted products in the UK. Roland has made over 150 canvas structures since 2004. He works with a small skilled team manufacturing with careful artisan control to every stage of the process.


We deliver all our structures & install any permanent or fixed features necessary for you. We also give training for safe and proper use of all equipment. You get the best experience using your structure thanks to our supportive service.

For us good Structure Design balances beauty of form
with the function of exactly how you want to use the space.


Good spaces have atmosphere that makes you feel good
& add beauty to their surrounding environment.


We focus on high quality and personal service. We get very busy at peak periods & each product is custom made so please get in touch as early as possible to discuss your ideas. We will transform your enquiry into an accurate estimate with lead time, within a few days. We can carry out a site visit to measure up/ survey location specific information.


We use the best canvases, all of which are fire, rot and water proofed. We complement these with finely crafted wooden elements and metalwork. Supplying a range of styles from rustic, traditional, modern, minimalist, you can choose the look and feel you require. We can match colours and materials to a specific theme/ brand ID style.


We love creating well made products. Their quality shows. It lasts. The details look right because they are built right. Reinforcements made with understanding of the tensions & strains exerted in use. Real value performs and delights year after year. We work with local craftspeople & nationwide experts to create the perfect team to deliver your project.


Roland has delivered over 150 bespoke projects to diverse customers since 2004. He has hired his own marquees and canopies out for over a decade. He has kept his company small and perfectly formed, putting himself at the heart of delivering what his customers have asked for. By putting up our hire structures hundreds of times, we learn what works best. By delivering and installing every manufactured structure we learn how structures can be used in many different contexts. It also informs little evolutions from what different people want & find possible and delightful. All this information is fed back into a design database which informs every product we make. We keep evolving based on experience & feedback.

Octagonal Marquee – First-Marquee 2004
Viskya Tensile Marquee – 2005
YSP Outdoor Learning Space – 2009
Triban Marquee – 2011
3 Pole Canvas Star Marquee – 2013
Diamond Marquee – 2014
Bedouin Ark Marquee – 2015
Dragon Tent – 2017