Amazing bespoke canopies
Custom Terrace Canopy
Canopies for Buildings

Transform your outdoor space. Extend your indoor space. Connect your home and garden. Double your al fresco dining options. Give kids a fun undercover play space.

Give your dining area more covers, or your bar space more all weather options.
We have different ways to connect your canopy to building depending on wall material.


We can make canopies that can be set up and taken down for occasional use or ones that stay up for a season and come down in winter only. Some can stay up permanently depending on how sheltered the site is.

Extra Large Tensile Festival Canopy
Tensile Canopies

These elegantly simple structures are simple to erect, very stable in winds and create versatile cover for a multitude of uses. They offer a fun, attractive cover from rain and sun  for gardens. Pop up capacity expansion for pubs, hotels, glampsites and visitor centres.


Fantastic at events to create all weather space for eating, parties, workshops, yoga, food demonstrations, etc, the possibilities are endless. The beauty of having no sides is the space is totally connected to the surrounding environment.

Quality Custom Van Canopy
Canopies for Vehicles

We make bespoke solutions for people looking for high quality canopies for vans and caravans. These are particularly suitable with custom projects and where you need a visually stunning solution that matches the love you have put into your vehicle. They also  stand up to the weather in the UK for years of happy use at festivals, on holidays, on glampsites or at parties. We design with your vehicle & use in mind. We use high spec materials to give you something that is a joy to use for years.