Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes are fascinating structures with a host of potential uses. They really come into their own with a decent canvas cover. They are popular in the festival scene and larger domes make great spaces for creative workshops, dance, yoga, drama, learning and play.

We have made geodomes from 12ft to 30ft diameter.

We can make your frame from coppiced round wood, sawn timber, bamboo, or aluminum or steel tube. Alternatively you can make your own frame and we can make you a bespoke fitted cover.

Geodesic Domes for sale
Geodesic Dome frame assembly
Geodesic Dome frame for sale
Geodesic Dome roof cover
Geodesic Dome roof with sides
Geodesic Dome frame assembled
Geodesic Dome frame joint
Geodesic Dome

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