Custom Build

When you contact us we will listen to what you want and discuss the best options for you. At this stage we can send you more info, canvas samples, initial design sketches and an estimate of total cost. This is all free of charge.

When you are totally satisfied with the design, specification and cost, we agree a payment schedule and delivery date. If further design work is necessary the cost is incorporated into the final price. Usually this is an hour or so it takes me to convert a design into a makeable pattern.

The more thinking and research you put into your structure the better, but donít hesitate to call so I can help with pointers to get you started in the right direction. Equally if you donít have a design, just a brief or problem, or idea, we are happy to provide you with blank canvas solutions.

We make your structure to your exact requirements then deliver the structure to you and where necessary train you in how to get the most out of it.


We offer a Guarantee on our structures for 2 years on workmanship, if a problem occurs during that time which is our fault, not due to misuse or to it being altered by someone other than ourselves we will amend it free of charge, no arguments.

If they are well cared for our structures will give you pleasure for 10 years or more. We can provide training and a care guidance to help you get the most out of your structure, and can organize cleaning and reproofing as required over the life cycle of the product.
Hatfield Forest Greenstage Marquee - Custom Build
Greenstage Hatfield Forest Front - Custom Build
Horsebox Awning - Custom Build
Horsebox Awning and Shelter - Custom Build
Garden Canopy - Custom Build
The Beehive Inn Pub Awning - Custom Build
Tipi Door - Custom Build
Greenstage Front at Hatfield Festival - Custom Build
BBC Tent Front - Custom Build
Bluebell Awning - Custom Build

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